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The secret to a healthy relationship is

Emotional Intelligence

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Hey There!

I'm Erin F. Darden

I expected to be married with children by 30 but seven months before my 30th birthday, my life fell apart.


My “boyfriend” woke up and said he “felt differently” and didn’t want to be together anymore. Honestly, I knew it was over long before he said something. I was just hoping……Add being dumped on top of being unfulfilled, underpaid, and alone in a new city; I was depressed.


For over a year I wondered “what’s wrong with me”? and agonized over the list, I came up with in my head (with no factual support), of reasons he didn’t want to be with me.

No matter how hard I tried to date, they just didn’t compare to my ex.

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The Love You Deserve3

Two emotionally intelligent partners have a romance that continues to grow, doesn't lose excitement, and strengthens them individually, as well as collectively.

In order to get that you need to feel safe and secure in your relationship.

The problem is everyone has their own standard of a relationship (and gender roles) which makes you wonder if you’ll ever find someone with whom you’re compatible. I believe everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship. Relationships aren’t easy. I understand your frustration.  That’s why I'll help you cultivate and maintain a relationship that aligns with your core values.

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The List

3 things you need in a partner to manifest the love you deserve. 


I love getting relationship advice from Erin. It is real! Raw and uncut! She has truly helped me effectively communicate my feelings in my relationship.

Jené G.

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Work With Me

 I can help you attain the kind of love you dream of.

A love unconditional, with deep intimacy, real commitment, and security.. the love you deserve.




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