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Meet Coach


Coaching is my life's purpose

By trade, I am an attorney but I immediately knew that wasn't my calling.


It took years but I finally discovered, embraced, and started walking in my purpose.


I attended the Coach Training Academy, an ICF Accredited program, and became a certified life coach and emotional intelligence coach. I use the lessons from my personal experience and coaching training to help women manifest the love they deserve.

My Story

Emotional intelligence and relationship coaching for women looking to manifest the love they deserve.

I expected to be married with children by 30 but seven months before my 30th birthday, my life fell apart.


My “boyfriend” woke up and said he “felt differently” and didn’t want to be together anymore. Honestly, I knew it was over long before he said something. I was just hoping……Add being dumped on top of being unfulfilled, underpaid, and alone in a new city; I was depressed.


For over a year I wondered “what’s wrong with me”? and agonized over the list, I came up with in my head (with no factual support), of reasons he didn’t want to be with me.

No matter how hard I tried to date, they just didn’t compare to my ex.

That one failed relationship changed everything for me....

I got to know who Erin is,

not whom I or others wanted her to be, and

not whom society says she should be.


I learned who I am, what I like, what’s healthy for me, and what’s not! It took time, but I learned that manifesting the love I deserve started with putting myself first.


Once I discovered who I am, I learned how to:

  1. assert myself and set boundaries, and

  2. see things from others’ perspectives (which made me a better partner and communicator).

Now I’m doing the work I enjoy (coaching), making the money I’m worth, and receiving the love I deserve.

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